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  1. THE BENEFICIARY OF THE GUIDE MUST BE THE PERSON OR COMPANY THAT WILL RECEIVE IN COLOMBIA , with its respective address and telephone numbers. This information must coincide with the commercial invoice, as it will be reviewed by the Customs of the United States and may have delays and additional costs, if the information does not arrive correctly from the initial destination.
  3. NOTIFY Air Cargo Logistic USA INC. 6993 NW 50th Street Miami, Florida 33166.
    Phone: (786) 828-4170 Phone 2: (786) 886-3716
    Email: info@aircargologisticusa.com.
    This information will be used by the carrier to notify the arrival of the cargo.
  5. The dispatcher must be notified that when sending the cargo, the instructions for cutting the guide are as follows: Beneficiary in Miami must be the person or company with final destination in Colombia, this information must coincide with the commercial invoice.
  7. Orca must receive notifications to be aware of the arrival of the merchandise. We are not responsible for additional storage charges if the information is not received on time.
  • Air waybill, the original is needed to be able to make the transfer without delays.
  • Commercial invoice, can be photocopy.